Due to Covid-19, the 2021 Annual Member Meeting was pre-recorded and can be viewed below or on YouTube.

Key meeting highlights:

  • The club and pool continue to operate in a limited capacity due to Covid-19.
  • Members are now limited to 3 reservations on Thursday to ensure more members can find swim times. If spots are still available on Sunday, a member may sign up for a 4th swim time.
  • Monthly dues must be received in the drop box or mailed by the last Thursday of the month for next month. April dues must be received by March 25th to ensure they are counted on time and you are not locked out of the pool or from making reservations.
  • Complete the annual Membership Handbook Acknowledgement which is required by the Health Department for us to remain open. Failure to complete this step before April 1st could result in being locked out of the pool or from making reservations.

The 2021 Annual Meeting Presentation is available to view or download.


Send email to president@pccportorchard.org if you have questions.


Thank you,
Parkwood Community Club Board