2023 in-person annual meeting key highlights:

  • Complete the annual Membership Handbook Acknowledgement which is required by the Health Department each year for us to remain open.

  • Monthly membership dues are increasing by $5 starting April 1st, 2023. See the Reminder of Payment Increases for details and deadlines if you plan to prepay a portion or the remainder of your 2023 membership dues. Guest fees and annual maintanance remain unchanged.

  • The leak in the pool has increased significantly over the past 2 years. Inspections of the 50-60 year-old copper pipes show lots of pitting which easily become small or large holes that leak water, but no obvious leaks. We need to excavate the pipes to determine where the leak(s) are. Typically the pool is filled twice a week, but now we are filling the pool daily for several hours as the level of the pool drops 3-4 inches per day.
  • Ole's submitted rough plans and estimates to replace the pool piping, replace broken wiers, and resurface the pool. Official plans/drawings will not be prepared until funding has been raised and/or secured.

  • Several years ago we were no longer allowed to drain backwashed pool water into the ground. We now drain pool water into the sanitary sewer. With the increased water usage and cost due to the leak, this has also increased our sewer costs. Water and sewer costs are typically linked. While we had separate water meters for the pool, hall, landscaping, etc., these have all broken and are too expensive to replace.

 Send email to president@pccportorchard.org if you have questions.


Thank you,
Parkwood Community Club Board