Due to Covid-19, the 2022 Annual Member Meeting was pre-recorded and can be viewed on YouTube.

Key meeting highlights:

  • Complete the annual Membership Handbook Acknowledgement which is required by the Health Department each year for us to remain open.
  • Monthly dues must be received in the drop box in the pool lobby by the last Thursday of the month. If you are going to mail your dues, you need to get them in the mail between the 15th-20th for them to arrive on time. The same goes for setting up your bill pays as they are mailed to our PO Box as well.

 Notable work completed throughout the year and during the shutdown in September:

  • Plumbing and tile work in our dressing room showers and some tile work on the pool deck.
  • Replaced and upgraded the failed electrical box to the dehumidifier.
  • A broken pipe from the cold snap was replaced by a board member.
  • Several lighting issues were resolved by our volunteer handyman/maintenance trustee and our caretaker.
  • Work was completed on our automatic chlorine gas (cl2) automatic feeding system.


The 2021 Combined P&L and Balance Sheet is available to view or download.


Send email to president@pccportorchard.org if you have questions.


Thank you,
Parkwood Community Club Board