The Hall remains closed for rentals. The board will re-evaluate the situation during the August 2022 board meeting.

We invite the community to take full advantage of what is here. Rentals of the hall and lounge bring in funds to maintain the facilities including the pool and equipment to run it. Since this is a non-profit organization, all funds are either put back into the facilities or donated to local community organizations like HelpLine that help people of low income and others in need. PCC is a charitable organization. The organization is membership owned.

Full time custodial people and living-on-site caretakers are paid to help keep the facilities and grounds community acceptable. Most maintenance is accomplished using volunteers within the membership.

PCC is in full cooperation of local authorities and life safety organizations. Regular state, city, county, health, and life safety inspections are made with full compliance results. The PCC pool and kitchen facilities meet all health regulations and are recognized as excellent quality.

The rental hall deposit fee is $400/event (includes a $100 cleaning fee) when alcohol is not being served.  It is $500 when alcohol is being served - effective for all new contracts.

Click here for Hall rental agreement.

Click here for Floor Plans.

For more information or to arrange for rental of the hall, email