A little more about our swim lessons

Our private and semi-private lessons are taught during membership time. Because of this we are only allowed one, sometimes two instructors at a time. For this reason we have limited space in this program and why there so often is a wait list.

Due to the number of people trying to get into our lesson program we only set you up with one, 30 minute time slot per week. At this time the school year day time lessons (private/semi-private) have been able to run the full year in their time slot. The night private/semi-private lessons have 2 groups that rotate every other set. Those people in the classes have 1st chance at the next set but this does not always mean you get in, it also depends if there is an instructor available when you are available.

All year long our private/semi-private are totally dependent on Instructor and Student availability, so when filling out the interest sheet it is very important to let us know as many times and days you are available so that we can try our best to fit you in. There may be days and times where there just is not enough interest to bring an instructor in or even and instructor available.

In a perfect world where no one gets sick or needs time off or the pool is up and running for the whole set each time and we do not need to rearrange things at the last minute, we try to run our sets for 4, 5 or 6 weeks with a week or 2 in-between and a long break at the Thanks Giving/Christmas holiday and another long break at the end of summer into the beginning of the school year. We ask that you pay for the whole set on the 1st day/night of that set.

At the moment we are running with a very small staff, this is mainly due to the lifeguard shortage after not being able to update our lifeguard training during Covid. We are hoping that as more lifeguard classes are being taught we will be able to find more teachers. But due to this we want you to be aware that if one of us gets sick, there usually is not another teacher to cover for us, if this should happen OR if we need to cancel a class due to weather or pool breakdown, you will be given credit to use in the next set we can get you into. If you or your child should become sick or for whatever other reason you cannot make it to the pool, we need you to know, there are no makeup lessons. We still need to pay our instructor so although we understand life happens, if you are sick (we truly appreciate you not bringing it to the pool), on vacation, running behind, or just forgot to come, there will be no credit either.