As of September 29, 2023 the pool is temporarily closed. Please read the notices below emailed to members.

November 21, 2023
Hello Parkwood Community Club Members,
We hope that all of your Thanksgiving planning is going smoothly. We wanted to give you an update on our raising of money for the pool fix. We now have $63,595 in our savings account. We still have a long way to go, but being able to raise over $63K in a few short months has been amazing. The loan is going through all the hoops it needs to go through, hopefully we will know more about it soon. The temporary fix proposal has passed one of the approval points it needs to but we are still waiting, waiting, waiting for the second part to be approved. Perhaps, when the loan comes in, we will just be ready to do the full fix. That would be so amazing!
Our next fundraiser is a Paint and Sip (nonalcoholic) w/Beth on Dec 4th at 6:00pm $50 per person. The capacity for this event is 75 attendees. We have sold almost half the available tickets. IF you have been thinking about it and have not signed up yet, please do so soon, so we can let Beth know how many we will be having. We would love to have a full house for this event.
Ongoing fundraiser, we have great news, some of you asked at the big fundraiser day Nov 4th if we could get children’s size tee shirts and sweatshirts. The answer has come in and we can get M-L-XL child size tee shirts, crew neck sweatshirts and hoodies (printing will be on the back). AND a lot of you asked about zip up hoodies and we can get them for kids and adults (printing will be on the back). Our thought is, IF we can get enough of you FAST to let us know if you are interested (we would need to know what you would be interested in by Nov 26 to even have a chance) we might be able to get an order in before Christmas. Once we know we have enough interest we would need to get pre-payment to move forward. We have Venmo set up so we could have you pay there or we will set up times to meet us. Our hope is that we might be able to have them ready for pick up before Christmas. Once we get the products we will set up times to get them to you.

Adult Tee Shirts – S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X - $25
Child Tee Shirts – M, L, XL - $20
Adult Crew Neck Sweatshirts - S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X - $40
Child Crew Neck Sweatshirts – M, L, XL - $35
Adult Hoodie - S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X - $50
Child Hoodie – M, L, XL - $45
Adult Zip up Hoodie - S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X - $50
Child Zip up Hoodie – M, L, XL - $45

So reply back here if you are interested and what you are interested in and we will be able to decide if there is enough interest to make an order right now.
Future fundraiser, we have been looking into a shredding day, we would rent a shredding truck and have you come over with your papers that need to be shredded. As we looked into this most shredding days ask for a $20 donation for up to 3 bags of papers. We were batting around February to do this. Please let us know if you think this might be something you would participate in. Thank you.
Some of you have asked how our membership numbers are doing. We have 129 memberships that have paid the $500, are on a payment plan or were lucky enough to ask early to get a sponsorship. We know a few of you said to let you know if we ended up with anyone else that needed help, we do have a few that have let us know they need help with the emergency assessment. We hate to ask but if any of you are able to help these couple people out please let us know. We still have a few people we are trying to get a hold of, some people just do not look at their emails so we have sent out snail mails to some and maybe we will get a few more on board but as time goes by we are less hopeful.
We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.
The PCC Board and Trustees and the Water Safety Manager

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October 20, 2023
Hello everyone,
We are just checking to be sure everyone got the “Exciting News and Emergency Assessment Announcement” email on October 9, 2023. I know we said you did not need to let us know which way you needed to go on the Emergency Assessment until the end of the month BUT if you could just let us know that you received it, then we will not need to call or snail mail you to check up with you.

  • What is your plan for the Emergency Assessment?
    • Pay in full - Checks in the mail?
    • Do you need a payment plan?
    • Do you need assistance to pay?
  • It all comes down to money. The sooner we know your intentions we can better plan to move forward with repairs.   We need you to help to continue the Legacy of Parkwood Community Club for ourselves, our families, and the generations yet to come.     

We are attaching the “Exciting News and Emergency Assessment Announcement” email so you do not need to dig for it. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.
Only a few weeks left until the big fundraising day Nov 4th. We hope to see you all during the day and those that bought tickets to “Elvis” we will see you in the evening. (If you are not sure what this is about, let us know and we will send you some information OR you can go to our website and look for fundraisers.  Please help spread the word about the November 4th event.
Fingers crossed we will get enough money with all this and get the pool fixed sooner than later.
If you have already let us know you received the email and Linda has responded back then please do not worry about answering again. We have had about 66 responses so far, those answers are looking favorable. BUT we really do not want to have to call or snail mail the other 134 or so of you to make sure you got the information, so please let us know you got this and/or the other email.

In closing please mail payments to:
Parkwood Community Club
PO Box 327
Port Orchard WA   98366
Thank you everyone
The PCC Counting Team
The PCC Board and Trustees
PS – no firm answer on if the Health Department or the County will ok the temporary fix yet and maybe we will not need it. We can hope, right?

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October 9, 2023

Hello Parkwood Community Club Members!
We wanted to share some exciting (though not certain) news, in addition to our emergency assessment follow up.
We are working with a vendor (the same company who is developing our second bid) on a possible temporary (short-term) fix, to re-open the pool while we continue with our fundraising efforts and get the permanent pool repair scheduled and permitted.  The proposed temporary fix would be done by bypassing our leaking pipes with external piping that runs along the wall and would cost about $12,000.  This proposed solution is in the process of being submitted to the Health Department and Kitsap County Development for review.
We do not yet know if this temporary fix will get approved, however we wanted to share the information immediately.  
We determined spending money on a temporary fix benefits Parkwood Community Club in the following ways:
1. We will retain current membership levels.
2. We will be able to more easily onboard new members to run the club at full capacity.
3. We will be able to turn the pool back on without wasting water and gas, therefore will be operating the club at a profit – this will allow us to SAVE additional money for repairs.
4. All members get to continue the use of the pool sooner rather than later!
While this is a hopeful possibility, a permanent fix is still needed for the continued operation of the pool.  60 years ago, the community of Parkwood got together and built Parkwood Community Club, leaving us a legacy we have spent many years enjoying.  Now it is our turn to band together and continue this legacy for ourselves, our families, and the generations yet to come.
As such, during our board meeting on Thursday, October 5th, we voted on the emergency assessment in the following way:
1. We are asking for all members to pay a one-time $500 emergency assessment, in order to contribute to the raising of funds to repair our pool.  We have our second quote in progress, however we were already told it will be a similar dollar amount to our first quote. Interestingly, all pool companies in Western Washington use the same few engineers for pool design/repairs, so the details will likely be similar to our first quote.   We are still pursuing getting a third quote.
2. The $500 emergency assessment Parkwood Community Club is asking for can be paid in one lump sum, or a payment plan can be arranged (email  Please mail payments to P O Box 327, Port Orchard WA  98366.
3. If a $500 lump sum or payment plan is unaffordable, please contact us to arrange sponsorship for your assessment (email
4. If you are able to pay more, in order to sponsor those who cannot afford $500, it is greatly appreciated.  Thank you so very much.
5. We ask that payments OR communication regarding payments (please email us at are received by October 31.
6. As a profound thank you to those who pay their emergency assessments and/or communicate with us about outstanding need, annual assessments for these members will be waived until January 1, 2025, and membership dues will be frozen at 2023 rates until January 1 2027.  We will begin accepting new members shortly, with the same offering.  In the near future, the board will be re-assessing and likely increasing membership fees to make our club more financially stable upon the re-opening of the pool.  We are still asking for dues to be paid during this closure, as there are still operating costs even while the pool is closed.  Any extra income the pool receives will go toward the repair effort.
7. Our board voted to accept our $50,000 loan, and it will remain in our fundraising account until the repairs are scheduled.  This is an important step in building the financial credit of our club and making it so we are able to obtain loans in the future.
8. We now have TWO incredible fundraising efforts coming up. On Friday October 13th, at 4pm, there will be a pizza, ice cream, silent auction, and meet the local school board candidate event at Parkwood Community Club (flyer below).  
On Saturday November 4th, there will be an open house 9am-3pm where you can buy pool merchandise, create a tile, purchase a brick, and/or participate in another awesome silent auction (you seriously don’t want to miss these items!).  Then, at 5pm, Parkwood Community Club is hosting Danny Vernon and his “Illusions of Elvis” show!
9. Thank you to the impressive 200 plus members who have continued membership during this anxiety-inducing time.  YOU are the community who has kept this club running, and YOU are the community who can help repair our pool so we can have this incredible resource for another 59 plus years!  
10.  We will be mailing and/or calling members who have not submitted payment or replied to this email, so we can make sure everyone received this communication.  Please let us know at that you have received this communication to save yourself a phone call!
11.  There have been some questions as to what would happen to Parkwood Community Club and its funds if, despite our best efforts, we do not raise the money (unlikely) or the pool is deemed unfixable once repairs begin (very unlikely - we were told it is in good shape).  In this worst case scenario, we still have a beautiful property and club house that is a great benefit to the community - and the club could continue to maintain it in some form and rent out that space.  If the trustees and members of the Parkwood Community Club wanted to dissolve the club, instead of maintain it for the club house, it is written in the bylaws that the board will "divide the residue of the money among community charitable organizations or entities providing services to the youth and seniors of the community.”  As such, should the worst of worst come to pass, money collected via assessments and fundraising would greatly benefit the community via other avenues.
Thank you so very much,
Your Parkwood Community Club Trustee Board

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September 29, 2023

Hello Parkwood Community Club,

Your trustee board had another emergency meeting tonight to discuss the feedback we have gotten from the members and the community expressing their desire that we close the pool immediately.  Furthermore, at this meeting we reviewed our current financial state and expenses.

With great sadness but with every effort to honor and safeguard your financial commitment to the club, we voted unanimously with two trustee members abstaining from the vote to close the pool at the end of the business day today (Friday 9/29/23 9pm), in order to save every penny toward the repair of the pool.  Our business operations are approximately $500 a day, and $167 a day of that is water.

Excitedly, we want you to know that we are in the process of getting a second bid for repairs (the inspection has been done and is currently being written up), and have a lead on a company for a third bid.  We appreciate all those who have donated so far and we urgently need your help by keeping your membership going during this time as we continue our aggressive fundraising efforts.  The hall is still available for rentals, and it is beautiful. 

For members who participate in water aerobics, we are going to work on a plan to have you continue doing land aerobics in our hall, and this will be open to all members.  We will get this up and running as soon as possible and get the information out.

For members who are in process with swim lessons, you will be refunded the full amount.  Linda will be in touch.

Thank you so very much - please stay tuned for our continued plans for the future of our pool, which will come to you after our next board meeting on October 5th, 2023!

Your Parkwood Community Club Trustee Board

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