AboutPCCThe club was built in 1964 by a group of volunteers who lived in and around Parkwood. Initially the club was open only to the residents living in the neighborhoods surrounding the pool. Subsequently, membership was made available to anyone in the greater Kitsap community who wishes to join. The club features a pool available only to members and non-profit community groups. The club also has a hall available for rent to the public. The club continues to operate with an all volunteer board of trustees including four officers. Check out a little Port Orchard history where many adults first learned to swim and many of our current families used the pool as children!

For more information about becoming a member, email membership@pccportorchard.org.

Membership Information

Mar 2020
Apr 2020
Single Person:  $20/mo $25/mo
Couple (under one roof): $25/mo $30/mo
Household (people living under one roof): $40/mo $45/mo
Annual Assessment* $50/yr $75/yr

*Due on the 1st of your anniversary month for members that joined in 2017 or later, or due July 1st for members that joined in 2016 or earlier.

INITIATION FEE (a one-time payment for new members and/or returning members):

Single or Couple over 60:  $20.00 
Single or Couple Under 60,
Households with 4 people or less: 
Households with 5-8 people:  $50.00 
Households with more than 8 people:  $65.00