Hall reopens for rentals starting December 2022 (see hall details)
Holiday pool schedule:
  • Thanksgiving Day (regular hours), Thu Nov 24: 5am-9pm
  • Christmas Eve (close early), Sat Dec 24: 5am-2pm
  • Christmas Day (regular hours), Sun Dec 25: 5am-7pm
  • New Years Eve (close early), Sat Dec 31: 5am-12pm (private pool party 12pm-2pm)
  • New Years Day (regular hours), Sun Jan 1: 5am-7pm
  • Thank you to the staff and volunteers for keeping the pool open during the holidays!
Covid-19 reminders:
  • You must spray after yourself
  • You will need your key card. If it is not working, did you pay on time? (Payment received no later than the last Thursday of the month, for the next month)
  • We will be allowing guests again ($3 per guest with 6 guests allowed per day per membership)
  • Re-learn how to share our little pool again
  • Do not take forever in the dressing rooms (Check the signs on the door and respect family use)
  • Water Aerobics Classes will restart (Mon-Thur 8:30-9:30am & 9:30-10:30am)
  • You will see more private swim lessons

If you should get to the pool and there are a lot of people already there and you do not feel comfortable, you will need to make the personal decision to come back at another time. Again, please remember not all of us are going to be comfortable being close to each other so talk to each other and be sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

Parkwood pool is a family size pool. It is only five feet deep at the deepest end and three feet at the shallow end. It is about 1/2 the length of a regulation pool. We have installed up-to-date water purification and filtering systems. The pool is regularly inspected by the state and passes all tests and standards with very high marks. The temperature is kept at approximately 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

Except for aerobic sessions and special community events as approved by the Board of Trustees, the use of the pool is limited to only PCC members and their guests. Members and guests must sign in whenever they are on the pool deck or in the pool in order to activate our liability insurance.

Guests are anyone not listed on the Membership Agreement. Every guest must pay $3.00, which is a very reasonable fee for access to the pool. There is a limit of 6 guests per paying membership per visit.

All pool users must rinse their hair before entering the pool, no matter what length. This helps us keep our pool chemicals balanced.

Pool hours are Mon-Sat 5:00am - 8:45pm (out of building by 9:00pm) and Sun 5:00am - 6:45pm (out of building by 7:00pm).

Pool closures will be posted on the website and scheduled in advance. We typically close for several weeks each May depending on how much work needs to be completed. Unscheduled pool or hall closures due to emergent conditions will be posted on the website and at the pool entrance.

Click here to read the pool rules.

Click here to about sharing our pool.

The PCC pool is very well maintained, kept clean, and safe for community use. We make the pool available to local Boy Scouts and Fire Fighters with prior Board approval.

Pool Rentals

Members may rent the pool for private parties.