Welcome to the Parkwood Community Club

Pool Closure for Annual Maintenance Completed (updated 10/15/21):

Thank you for everyone's patience during the annual pool maintenance closure. The work has been completed and the pool will reopen on Saturday (10/16) at 5 AM.

Kitsap County Health Department directive (updated 8/15/21):

Due to the Kitsap County Health Department directive for wearing masks in public indoor spaces, we are once again asking everyone 5 years or older to please wear a face covering when you are coming and going from the Club AND while you are on deck in the pool area. Thank you so much for helping Kitsap County to get over this Covid-19 hump in the road. We hope that you and your family are all doing okay.

Covid-19 Notice:

As the state opens up more on July 5th, things will change for us too. Some things we have gotten used to will stay the same but things from before Covid-19 will be back.


  • No more reservations needed & no volunteers! (You must spray after yourself)
  • You will need your key card. If it is not working, did you pay on time? (Payment received no later than the last Thursday of the month, for the next month)
  • We will be allowing guests again ($3 per guest with 6 guests allowed per day per membership)
  • Re-learn how to share our little pool again
  • Do not take forever in the dressing rooms (Check the signs on the door and respect family use)
  • Water Aerobics Classes will go back to their pre-Covid-19 times (Mon-Thur 8:30-9:30am and 9:30-10:30am)
  • You will see more swim lessons happening starting July 12th
  • Come September, we hope to start up our Hall rentals and Pool rentals

If you should get to the pool and there are a lot of people already there and you do not feel comfortable, you will need to make the personal decision to come back at another time. Again, please remember not all of us are going to be comfortable being close to each other so talk to each other and be sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

This is a community hall for the whole family and is available for rent to the public. There are no age limits. The entire family can enjoy parties, potlucks, entertainment, church gatherings, public meetings, youth activities, cultural exchange school settings, scout activities, plays, dances, dinners, luncheons, and many more.

This is a smoke free 2300 square foot facility with fully equipped kitchen and bar service areas.  The hall accommodates 275 people. Floorplan and photos are available here.

For more information, click here or email HallRental@pccportorchard.org.


Membership is available to anyone in the greater Kitsap community who wishes to join the Parkwood Community Club. We currently have a waitlist and bring on new members as spots open up. Membership includes the pool (reservation required), and reduced fees for renting the community hall (temporarily closed).

Monthly Dues and Annual Assessment:

  • Monthly Dues:
    • Single: $25.00
    • Couple: $30.00
    • Household: $45.00
  • Annual Assessment: $75.00
  • Guest Fee: $3.00 (per guest)

Dues can be paid monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. Members need to keep track of payment status as no invoices are sent for monthly dues.

Dues are due by the last Thursday before the next month. Dues are not carried in arrears. Late payments will result in you being locked out and not allowed to make pool reservations until the payment is recorded by Accounts Receivable Secretary. A lockout may result in being sent back to the waitlist. If you are at the pool you can drop a payment in the gray box to the left of the sign in desk, otherwise payments can be mailed to:

Parkwood Community Club
P.O. Box 327
Port Orchard, WA 98366

For more information, click here or email membership@pccportorchard.org.

Membership News & Alerts

Due to Covid-19, we pre-recorded a virtual Annual Meeting via Zoom. Please send any questions or concerns you may have to president@pccportorchard.org.

Our club finances remain extremely low. Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated for unexpected repairs or ongoing club expenses during the pandemic. Thank you to those that have already sent in gifts!

Help Needed:

Grant Writer - to start when available

We are looking for someone who has experience writing grants to help us gain access to funds that might be available to help cover the costs of rewiring the building as well as other needs.

Video Security - to start when available
We are looking for someone with technical background to help us maintain our online, video security camera system.

Upcoming Activities

Annual Pool Maintenance:

October 1-8, 2021 (typically 2 weeks each May but rescheduled for October 2021)

Upcoming Board Meetings:

January 7, 2021
February 4, 2021
March 4, 2021
April 1, 2021
May 6, 2021
June 3, 2021
July 13, 2021*
September 2, 2021
October 7, 2021
November 4, 2021
December 2, 2021

Board meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of each month. Board meetings are not typically held during July and August.

*Note: One-off board meeting after pool reopening on July 5th.