Swim Lesson Prices as of June 2023

(Remember all participants must be Parkwood Community Club members to participate, this can be full members or Swim Lesson only members)

Private Lessons (1 student with 1 instructor)  $18.00 per half hour 
Semi Private Lessons (2 students with 1 instructor) $24.00 per half hour ($12 per student)
Semi Private Lessons (3 students with 1 instructor) $24.00 per half hour ($8 per student) 
We prefer that semi-private lessons are of the same household and of approximately the same swim level.

** For those of you without a full Parkwood Community Club Membership -

Swim Lesson Only Membership per session - cost is $5 per student per lesson set. (Remember with this membership, you are only allowed in the pool building for your swim lessons times)

School year, day time Private/Semi Private (unless there become too many of you) we will assign you a day and time and you will stick to that throughout the year if you and an instructor are available at that time and day. Night Privates we will rotate 2 groups every other swim lesson set throughout the school year (We will try to work around most of South Kitsap School Districts vacation days but there are some that we are allowed to be in the pool so may have class, we will try and let you know when setting up classes if we will be missing a day during the session.)

We will assign you to one day and time a week.  Please note, those people in the program right now have 1st chance at days and times, even so this does not mean you will all get in esp. going from summer into the school year or if you should need to change day or time OR if an instructor needs to change the days they are available.