Sharing Our Pool

As we all know we have a great but very small pool here that we all love to use for our own needs. If we could all respect each other, it could be comfortable for each and every one of us. If we could think about the pool having 2 halves it could be very helpful. There is one marked lap lane but this area can expand to the center of the pool. The family/exercise area can expand out to the lap lane or decrease to the center of the pool.

What does this mean to all of us?

Lap Swimmers – If there is no one else in the pool then spread out BUT if a family or exercise group or person arrives then those of you on the locker-room side of the pool need to move over into the lap lane side OR do some jogging/stretching etc. while you wait to swim again. If there are some of you about the same speed you could see about circle swimming.

Families/Exercise People – Just like the lap swimmers, if no one is in the pool then spread out and enjoy, BUT, if a Lap Swimmer should arrive then you need to respect their side of the pool and move back to the locker-room side.

Water Walkers & Joggers – Most lap swimmers do not have a problem with you watching out for them as you walk across but there are a few that it makes very nervous. Please check with the swimmers before you walk in between them. Within the family/exercise side please respect each other. We know it is a small area but if you work together, it can work out.

Parents – Please remember that small high pitch happy or sad voices can become very noisy in the pool area, therefore please check around and see if those little voices are bothering anyone and do the best you can to keep it to a minimum.

Swim Lessons – We have private/semi private swim lessons that are taught during the member time. The instructors do the best they can to work in and around all of you. If you can all continue to help with this, the instructors will be very grateful. Please remember depending on the level of the students the lessons may be joining you on either side of the pool. If we are on the lap side just treat us like any other lap swimmer.

All of us – remember this is a community membership pool – get to know each other. Often you will be together in the pool, if you know most of the swimmers that use the pool with you, it will make it easier to get along.


We hope with your cooperation this will help to make our time in the pool an enjoyable time for all.