Swim Lesson Prices as of March 2021

(Remember all participants must be Parkwood Community Club members to participate)

Private Lessons (1 student with 1 instructor)  $18.00 per ½ hour 
Semi Private Lessons (2 students with 1 instructor) $24.00 per ½ hour ($12 per student)
Semi Private Lessons (3 students with 1 instructor) $24.00 per ½ hour ($8 per student) 
We normally have the parents arrange the semi-private participants. When you are looking for a swim partner(s) for your child it is best if they are close to the same level. Also remember if one or both back out the ones left will need to pay the appropriate rate.
Group Lessons (Tuesday night's 4-6pm) $7.00 per ½ hour (When we get to bring them back)

** For those of you without a full Parkwood Community Club Membership -
Swim Lesson Only Membership - 1yr per family with - 1-2 students $20, 3-4 students $25, 5-6 students $30 etc.
***With everything being so up in the air we are doing the Swim Lesson Only Memberships by the session, this is 1-2 participants $5, 3-4 participants $10, 3-4 participants $15, 5-6 participants $20, etc.***

School year, day time Private/Semi Private (unless there become too many of you) we will assign you a day/time and you will stick to that throughout the year. Night Privates (at the moment 4pm-6pm and sometimes 3:30pm) we will rotate 2 groups between our 5 weeks sessions throughout the school year. Group class will also run about 5 week sessions usually with 1 week off in between throughout the year. (We do try to work around most of South Kitsap School Districts vacation days but here and there we may have class on a ½ day or even a Monday vacation day if most of the students can make that day, esp. at night.)

We will assign you to one day/time a week. If you wish to add more days by filling in for other people (when they are sick or out on vacation), please let us know and we will get you on the fill in list.  (Please note, those people in the program right now have 1st chance at days and times, even so this does not mean you will all get in esp. going from summer into the school year.)

Payment schedule – We only accept checks (make out to PCC) or cash (it is rare for the Instructor to have change so please bring exact amount). Payment is due on 1st day of class session. Full amount is preferred, if you should need to do a split payment, then at least half of it on the 1st day and the 2nd half by the 3rd day. (Please let Linda know you will be doing this beforehand.)

During the school year Private and Semi Private Lessons if you miss a day during the session (forget, sick, vacation) we will give you credit IF and ONLY IF we have time and can find a fill in for your class. (If you are a no show or we cannot find a fill in you will be expected to pay for that class) Group classes, due to the set-up there is no way to do fill ins and sorry no credit given. (If something should happen to the pool or the Instructor and class is canceled we will do our best at make ups or credit you for that day.)