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Do I need to be a member of Parkwood Community Club to participate in swim lessons?

Yes, for those of you not already a full member we offer a Swim Lessons Only Membership. The cost of this is - Swim Lesson Only Membership 1yr per family with - 1-2 participants $20, 3-4 participants $25, 5-6 participants $30 etc. (This membership is only good for the time of the swim lessons) If you wish to get onto the wait list or find prices for the full membership, please see our membership section on this web site.
***With everything being so up in the air we are doing the Swim Lesson Only Memberships by the session, this is 1-2 participants $5, 3-4 participants $10, 3-4 participants $15, 5-6 participants $20, etc.***

If I am a full member, do I need to pay for the swim lessons?

Yes, whether you have a full membership or just a swim lesson only one you need to also pay the swim lesson fee each session.

Private Lessons (1 student w/1 instructor) $18.00 per ½ hour
Semi Private Lessons (2 students w/1 instructor) $24.00 per ½ hour ($12 per student)
Semi Private Lessons (3 students w/1 instructor) $24.00 per ½ hour ($8 per student)
Group Lessons (Tuesday night's 4-6pm) $7.00 per ½ hour (When we get to bring them back)

We normally have the parents arrange the semi-private participants. When you are looking for a swim partner(s) for your child it is best if they are close to the same level. Also remember if one or both back out, the ones left will need to pay the appropriate rate.

As a Swim Lessons Only Member are we allowed to swim at other times at the pool?

No, to swim other times than during your swim lesson you will need to become Full Members.

How long (time wise) is the wait list for swim lessons?

There is no real way to answer that. If you are on the wait list it means you are waiting for someone in the program to need/want to back out of their spot (usually due to other sports or activities). Then at that point you would need to be available the day/time that they vacate. This does mean sometimes you may be far down the list but no one else above you can fill that spot and you would get it.

What lesson program do you follow?

We have put together our own program. It has background mainly in American Red Cross but combines some YMCA, Swim America and a few other Community Programs that the teachers have worked with.