SwimLessons3Our private and semi-private lessons are taught during membership time. Because of this we are only allowed one, now and then two instructors at a time. For this reason we have limited space in this program and why there so often is a wait list. This is also the reason we usually steer our younger students into the Group Lesson class where we have room for parents and students in the water together.

For our Group Lesson night (Tuesday 4-6pm) we rent the pool for 2 hours. This means that the only thing going on in the pool at this time is the lesson program. It gives us the chance to allow more students in the pool at a time. During this time we run 2-3 classes of up to 6 students at a time. In our little facility it can get a little crazy.

Due to the number of people trying to get into our lesson program we only set you up with one time slot per week. At this time the school year day time lessons (private/semi-private) have been able to run the full year in their time slot. The night private/semi-private lessons have 2 groups that rotate every other session. The group classes sign up every session, we do our best to get as many back in as possible but as the students move from level to level sometimes they have to move times or even skip a set before getting back in. Those people in the classes have 1st chance at the next session but this does not always mean you get in.

Our sessions run 5 weeks with a week in-between and a long break at the Thanks Giving/Christmas holiday. We ask that you pay for the whole session on the 1st day/night of that session.