Private swim lessons have restarted. Group swim lessons are paused indinitely due to Covid-19.

For the foreseeable future we will only be running private and semiprivate swim lessons (We are still asking that students in semiprivate lessons are from the same household and of the same basic level of swimming). Our building is just too small to have as many people in it at one time as we get when we run group lessons. This does also limit how many students we can serve.

Thank you for your interest in our swim lesson program. Due to the constantly evolving situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and staff shortages I am very unsure if or when I will be able to fit you into the program. We have about 150 families that have been participating in the program over the last few years and they will have 1st chance at any spots we will be able to run. This does not mean you have no chance at all but it does mean it is a very slim chance. You would need to be available for a spot that an Instructor is available to teach and that no one else is available for.

If you are interested in letting us know what your availability is, please answer the questions from below on this page. Please take time to look through ALL the tabs in our Swim Lesson information on the Website before you fill it out. (pccportorchard.org, just in case you are not fully there right now. Once on the website go to Pool, and then swim lessons, then you should see sections to click on). Hopefully most of your questions will be answered.

PCC Instructors have backgrounds in American Red Cross, Swim America, YMCA and other Community Swim Lesson Programs. We have also trained some of our own instructors. We have designed our own program so it is really helpful if you please go look at our swim levels before deciding what level to sign your child up for. Our PS (Pre School) is usually ages 4-6 and then the regular levels are school age kids 6 and up. Sometimes if a child is taller and more mature we will start them a little earlier.

Our Private (1 student) and Semi Private (2 or 3 students) lessons share the pool with our full members Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs during the hours of 11am-6pm depending on instructor availability and interest in days and times from our students. So when filling out interest forms it really helps if you give me as many days and times you are available for as possible. This way I can try to connect you up with an instructor and give the instructors a shift long enough to make it worth them coming in.


Our lessons run 30 minutes once per week (usually for 5 week or 6 week sessions during the school year and one 6 week session during the summer).

Costs: (As of March 2021)

Private Lessons (1 student with 1 instructor) $18.00 per half hour lesson.

Semi Private Lessons (2 students with 1 instructor) $24.00 per half hour lesson ($12 per student).

Semi Private Lessons (3 students with 1 instructor) $21.00 per half hour lesson ($8 per student).

Group Lessons (Tuesday night's 4-6 pm) $7.00 per half hour. When we get to bring them back.

In addition all participants must be PCC members. If you are not already a full member, then you will need to become a Swim Lesson Only Member. The cost per session per family is: $5 for 1-2 participants, $10 for 3-4 participants, $15 for 5-6 participants etc. (Please note that a Swim Lesson Only Membership only allows you in the pool area during and around your Swim Lesson time, to be arranged with the lead swim instructor)

Prices are subject to change.

Please be aware there is often a waiting list for both afternoon and evening classes. I tend to check up on the emails in-between swim lesson sets, feel free to check back in with me now and then if you have not heard anything but know it can be a month or two before I reply.

When asking questions please give me a little idea of what you want to know. Also how many, what ages, levels, what time you are thinking and/or what type of classes you are looking at (private or semi-private). There is a lot of information on the web site; hopefully you have taken the time to look through it.

If you want to ask questions or get onto the wait list, please following the Swim Interest Form if you could, before contacting Linda (our lead swim instructor). SwimLessons@pccportorchard.org

Thank you.