We Need Your Help to Open Up Pool - Phase 3

Your Parkwood Community Club board has come up with a possible solution for opening the pool once Kitsap County enters Phase 3 BUT we need YOUR help.

We need volunteers to take a 2 OR 4-hour shift and sanitize after each use of the shower and frequently touched surfaces.

According to the CDC, COVID-19 transmission is not likely through contact with properly disinfected water however we will only be allowing 4 people in the building at a time and each person, if they are not of the same household, will need to maintain a 6 foot physical distance in the water, changing rooms, other communal areas throughout the facility.

There will be 4-6 volunteer shifts per day. Sign up will be done with Gypsie (gypsiegitane@hotmail.com) or (206) 406-8035 or online (Sign Up Genius). Having someone always remind members to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves.

After the member has showered then the volunteer would follow up with a sanitizer solution on the handles and benches. Then allow another person into the dressing room.

The volunteers may also swim during their times but must be available to perform their sanitizing duties.

Members will sign up online (Sign Up Genius) or with Gypsie (gypsiegitane@hotmail.com or call (206) 406-8035) for 1-hour time slots to lap swim or water walk. 1 family at a time will be allowed in the other area of the pool. The door will be locked and unlocked when letting in members at their appointed swim times. Only 1 person will use the dressing room at a time (unless they are of the same household). To minimize time in the changing room, we ask that the members come in their swimsuit, take a quick rinse off shower before swimming then a quick rinse shower before heading home to fully shower leaving through the emergency exit on the deck. Members will NOT be able to bring guests at this time.

If volunteers cannot be found, then the pool will not be open during those times. We will train you, give appropriate precautions and all sanitizing supplies will be provided.