If you should get to the pool and there are a lot of people already there and you do not feel comfortable, you will need to make the personal decision to come back at another time. Again, please remember not all of us are going to be comfortable being close to each other so talk to each other and be sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

Pool Reservation Guidelines

To the few of you that keep forgetting, please remember we are all trying to keep our doors open and get as many of our members time in the pool as possible, to do that we need all of you to follow the rules set as we go.

  • Members are now limited to 3 reservations on Thursday to ensure more members can find swim times. If spots are still available on Sunday, a member may sign up for a 4th swim time.

 From March 30th email:

** Families of 5 or less please sign up for just 2 spaces.

** Couples (or two people who always come together) IF you feel you can share a lane, please sign up for just one space.

** Any one signing up more than one person PLEASE ALWAYS put who is going to be in the water in the comment box AND be sure you mark the appropriate number of lanes you want in that drop down.

** If you are of different households we still need to stay 6 feet apart even if we are sharing a lane. It is okay while you are moving past each other but stay your distance while resting, exercising or standing around talking to each other. Thank you.

** Family Volunteers remember to note how many will be in the water when you make your request. If two families ask for the same time then you will be sharing the pool. Please spray after your own family and communicate with the other family as to who will do the shared spaces (for example, pool railings, door handle, and the pens that were used).

** At all times, when there are more than one household in the pool, be sure the ropes are separating the different groups.

** Everyone, PLEASE use the signage to advise others who is in the dressing room, AND PLEASE look at the signage BEFORE you go in.

A few things that came up at April board meeting:

  • We are still not allowing guest.
  • Please wait for the group ahead of you to clear out before you go in the building. And the group in the pool, remember you need to be out 5 minutes to the hour so the volunteer can finish what they need to before letting the next group in.
  • We will be sending a small bottle of sanitizer in the dressing rooms with you, so if the volunteer does not hand it to you, please go get one. They will be in the new shelf unit hanging on the wall by the round table on the deck. There will be signs on what and how to use but if you have any questions please ask the volunteer or any board member.
  • Masks must still be worn when not in the water even if you have been vaccinated (just like most places you go when you are out in the public), Family volunteers please have your family follow this rule too.
  • There are still no pool or hall rentals, we will revisit this when we move to phase 4.

One last thing, please remember to let Gypsie or Becki K know if you are not going to make it to your swim ASAP. If you can let them know soon enough, they can free up that spot on Sign Up Genius so someone else can request it. Remember if you notice a spot ON the day you wish to swim (and you have not already got your total of 4 swims that are allowed in a week), you need to contact Gypsie or Becki K to put you in. You must get signed up to go to the pool. DO NOT JUST SHOW UP. The volunteers are not supposed to let you swim unless you are on the Sign Up Genius list or they get word from Gypsie or Becki K. (Volunteers remember the list by the sign up board is printed on Monday morning so you need to check for changes on Sign Up Genius to be sure things have not changed since it was printed.) Remember everyone, failure to notify of your cancelation could result in not being able to sign up for a few weeks.

Please continue to stay safe and follow the rules. We also ask that you have patience with us as we are also navigating new waters with Sign Up Genius. Please forgive us if there are glitches as we get used to the new way of signing up.

Thank you,
Linda Davis (Water Safety Manager) and the Parkwood Community Club Board

(last updated: 4/3/21)